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TRG is a company that offers a unique approach based on integral solutions of geolocation systems, data fusion and operations from diverse sources in a single platform and interface.

It is formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 25 years of global experience in telecommunications, cyber security and police intelligence. Our aim is to be at the forefront of the innovation of disruptive solutions in information and communications technologies.


TRG is 100% channel-focused, channel-committed and channel-driven.

We have a long history of working exclusively through our partners and providing exceptional profitability, tools, and programs to ensure their success.



Customized Emergency Response Solution.

Guardian offers a simple process to connect all First Responder sensors in one management system. A disaster scenario is putting every responder in an anxiety and making rush decisions. Guardian is there to help the First Responders for having smooth operations during a disaster.

Guardian can display real time events which are simultaneously recorded for future post analysis and debrief.

Guardian collects data from multiple sources and by applying advanced analytics extracts useful intelligence which can be actioned immediately.


Spotter is our search engine! Over 2.4 billion people are using Social Media and even more people are using cloud services, all of which are online. Targets can be identified online!

Spotter is a solution with various applications catering to data collection and analysis of the online world. Target solution is cloud-based allowing the swift gathering of information beneficial for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).

Spotter with its robust query function capability and automatic analysis can help LEAs and intelligence agencies to identify targets using advanced algorithm techniques.


GIO is a cutting-edge location positioning service in GSM, UMTS and LTE. Provides unmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use. It supports the positioning of any cellular device, combining multiple cellular positioning capabilities. Τhanks to the ease of use of its unified user interface, operational functionality is optimised with minimal training time.

GIO provides law enforcement, intelligence and national security agencies with the advanced and independent positioning solution they require to ensure effective geolocation capabilities.


We are seeking highly skilled professionals and graduates, team workers with a spark of ingenuity. We offer a vibrant, modern and open professional environment, with numerous opportunities for personal development across a full spectrum of cybernetic specialities, where great people, passion and innovation meet.

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