Our story

TRG is Securing Better Lives! We are a software development solution house focused on the Cyber Intelligence & Emergency Response domain, enableing our customers to offer better and secure lives to their citizens , by using our off-the-shelf integrated solutions that instantly make a real change.

At TRG, we succeed together with our customers, by sticking to our common values of loyalty, honesty and completing every mission we undertake. TRG is founded in 2017 by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 25 years of global experience in Emergency Response situations. TRG is owned by a prominent Monegasque family.


At TRG we believe that 1+1=3.
We create consortiums and partnerships in order to complete the missions and deliver more advanced solutions to our customers.
TRG is a channel-driven business, becoming home to many global and national channels that wish to secure better lives to their customers.
Our channel program enables the delivery of the most advanced solutions to over 30 countries.

Our approach

TRG broad and advanced experience provide a protection shell to our customers, enabling them to prepare for any Emergency Response situations.
Our approach is to Collect, Protect, Defend and Recuperate if an upcoming or evolving disaster. GIO + is a Data Fusion engine that enables real-time conclusions based on our advanced AI-backed engine that is connected to state-of-the-art (internal & external) data sources.
Additionally, GIO + serves as visualization and analysis system, which enables the user to predict, create, analyze and transform data into meaningful information.
GIO + connects to many data collection engines and fuses the information in order to provide an instant picture based on enormous data sources.

ER agencies can easily expand a single lead into a full-blown investigation. Using smart, proprietary algorithms and case management tools, analysts can easily able to locate and profile targets, map groups, manage events and achieve operational dominance. We believe that no-one should pay multi-million dollars for deployment of a system nor for maintenance or upgrades.
Our software solutions are free-of-charge. Users pay for what they use only.
We developed a credit mechanism based on a pay-per-use logic, forcing us to constantly offer the best and most updated solutions to our customers. We provide an octopus based approach to data fusion, all of our solutions are developed to enable any user to solve a problem with a single click.

Our team

TRG is a global multicultural company that pursuits the best for all humankind. We cherish our values and believe that only if we will stick to our WHY – SECURING BETTER LIVES, we will succeed.
TRG today is working the best of the best in artificial intelligence and big data fusion , coming from the world's leading agencies and Tier 1 companies.
TRG employs engineers working hand in hand with operational managers, PHD and scientists working hard to make sure our solutions solve real problems.
TRG cooperates with several top leading universities in order to have continuing research that joined commercial and academic approaches in order to make sure TRG is a market leader.
We understand the growing and changing threat-scape, as well as the limitation of the human resources involved around the world.
We strive to support operators and decision-makers through innovative, highly automated, smart solutions.


Working for TRG means being part of one of the most fascinating and exciting intelligence solutions home in the world. Hard work combined with lots of fun, gives us the feeling we are succeeding and doing something different.
We are seeking highly skilled professionals and graduates, team workers with a spark of ingenuity. We offer a vibrant, modern and open professional environment, with numerous opportunities for personal development across a full spectrum of cyber specialties; where great people, passion and innovation meet. Explore exciting career opportunities at TRG across the globe and join an international team dedicated to make the world a better and safer place!

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