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Through state-of-the-art Data Fusion solutions

Our story

TRG is a group of companies that are deeply committed to developing and deploying Data Fusion solutions that enable corporations and organizations to secure better lives.

Our mission is to help our customers in the fight against crime and terror by providing them with real-time and AI-based conclusions based on our data collection and data fusion engines.

In this ever-demanding and fast-changing industry, our customers require flexible, reliable, and sustainable solutions. To meet their needs, we assembled an array of R&D companies to keep delivering innovative solutions to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Our vision to create a safer world, is the force that drives us on this journey and motivates us to keep innovating and consistently provide the right solutions to our customers.

Our team

At TRG we succeed together with our customers by commiting to our common values of loyalty, honesty, and completing every mission we take. TRG was formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 25 years of global experience in telecommunications, cybersecurity, and first-responders intelligence.

Our journey at TRG is about working together, shoulder by shoulder, with an amazing team of talented professionals on solving real-world challenging problems using cutting-edge technologies like data fusion, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We never stop learning!

TRG employs over 70 engineers, analysts, and support teams around the world with our HQ in Cyprus and regional offices in Romania, Monaco, and Mexico.

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Our approach

At TRG group we have years of hands-on operational experience and we’ve gained deep industry expertise, having worked alongside many organisations. With a workforce that spans across the globe, our experts have been helping customers facing operational challenges in a plethora of regions, languages and nations around the world. This allowed us to work on various end-to-end cyber desk implementations including CONOPS, strategy, implementation, training, and ongoing mentoring for each of our customers.

Our flagship product, Intellectus , is a unique data fusion solution designed to accommodate the entire investigation lifecycle in a single platform. With its powerful engine, you can extract, collect, analyse, visualise and manage big data arriving from multiple sources and transform it into valuable high-level information. Built upon deep industry expertise, in cyber and field operations, our solutions have been tested and trusted by agencies across the world, helping to solve more than 10,000 criminal cases to this day.

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The Intelligence Oracle for Solving Crime & Terror

Intellectus Layers

Intellectus is a one-of-a-kind data fusion platform, able to provide real-time conclusions based on the analysis of big data captured through collection engines. In a nutshell, it’s a target-based Data Fusion Brain that can paint a real-time intelligence picture by simply inserting a seed. Its data visualization and analysis system enables us to predict, create, analyze, and transform data into meaningful information.


Working for TRG means being part of one of the most fascinating and exciting intelligence solutions home in the world. Hard work combined with lots of fun, gives us the feeling we are succeeding and doing something different.

We are seeking highly skilled professionals and graduates, team workers with a spark of ingenuity. We offer a vibrant, modern and open professional environment, with numerous opportunities for personal development across a full spectrum of cyber specialties; where great people, passion and innovation meet.

Explore exciting career opportunities at TRG across the globe and join an international team dedicated to make the world a better and safer place!

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