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Kidnapping Case Study

A Race Against Time. Tracing Hidden Shadows.

Discover how Intellectus helped to solve a kidnapping case by changing the tide in what appeared like an impossible situation.


Allegations of human trafficking and kidnappings, pointing towards a collaboration between local business fronts and a famous Colombian gang, set the stage for an intense, multi-faceted investigation. The clock was ticking, the stakes were high, and traditional investigation procedures had come to a halt. This is where Intellectus came in, changing the tide in what appeared like an impossible situation.

The Challenge

The person at the center of this study was a businessman owning several restaurants in Mexico City. These establishments, staffed mainly by young Colombian women, are rumoured to be a façade for a human trafficking operation. This investigation delves deep into Daniel’s clandestine activities, revealing his connections with a Colombian kidnapping cartel.

Before Intellectus, the State Police Department struggled with the limitations of traditional investigation methods. Their approach was largely reactive, based on manual data processing and a lack of real-time intelligence. These methods were not just time-consuming but often led to dead ends.

The Solution

With the adoption of Intellectus, the State Police Department catapulted its capabilities into a new era of digital intelligence and data fusion. Intellectus brought disparate data sources onto a single platform. This unification transformed how information was accessed and analysed, enabling a holistic view of investigations.

Patterns of Life

Analyse digital presence and get important insights like interaction patterns, content-sharing frequency, and identification of key relationships with potential suspects or accomplices.

Social Bubbles

Analyse social media connections to uncover places, activities, hidden connections and groups, all in a graphical representation of a suspect’s network.

Language Analysis

Identify names, places, and other significant entities in communications. Get the tone and sentiment of communications, and prevalent themes or detect any code words or slang.

Compare historical data

Correlate time and location from specific activities, places and interactions on social media posts. Receive instant notifications such as location changes or activity online.

Identify Top Contacts

Determine who the suspect communicates with most frequently. Decide which contacts warrant closer surveillance pinpointing potential suspects or collaborators.

Cross-reference intel

Match findings with national and international criminal databases and online and offline sources. Identify anomalies and cross-reference data from different sources.

Getting Results

The gathered evidence leads to Daniel’s arrest and subsequent interrogation. The case unfolds a story of exploitation masked under the guise of legitimate business operations. The comprehensive data analysis by Intellectus provides indisputable evidence linking Daniel and Juan, leading to significant legal action and rescue operations.

The introduction of Intellectus marked a significant turning point for the State Police Department. It not only expedited the investigative process but also enriched it with deeper insights and predictive intelligence, leading to more effective and timely resolutions of cases. With Intellectus, the department has not just upgraded its tools; it has revolutionised its entire approach to tackling crime.

Analyse Call Log Data

The data analytics revealed that Daniel and Juan have frequently communicated, with calls traced back to Bogota, Colombia – Juan’s base of operations.

Merge Forensic Records

Upon Daniel’s arrest, forensic data from his phone revealed damning evidence: messages coordinating the trafficking of kidnapped girls.

Identify Other Suspects

By using ADINT capabilities to reveal devices present at the time of the incident, traced the suspect to El Dorado International Airport, Colombia.


This case study stands as a testament to the power of advanced technological solutions like Intellectus in uncovering and dissecting complex criminal networks.

Through meticulous data analysis, and digital intelligence, what was once hidden in the shadows is brought to light, paving the way for justice and the dismantling of a cross-border criminal enterprise.

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