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Drug Dealing Case Study

Using Intelligence Analysis against Crime Networks.

Discover how Intellectus helped tackling complex international networks offering a revolutionary approach to modern intelligence operations.


Analysing vast amounts of unstructured information requires a solution that is secure, seamless, and efficient. By ingesting diverse data sources, offering unparalleled analysis tools, and transforming raw data into insights, Intellectus ensures that intelligence analysts remain one step ahead.

The Challenge

The State Police Department was confronted with a problem that many nations and regions face: border security, hampered by illicit border crossings, drug mules, and human trafficking.

That’s where Intellectus comes in, helping identify, gather intelligence, pinpointing and prosecuting those behind these illicit operations.

The Solution

The State Police Department used Intellectus to ingest different data sources in a complex scenario, uncovering an international network of drug dealers.

As a first step, the analysts used advertising intelligence to spotlight suspicious activities along the border, then fused it with forensic data from seized devices, and within moments, the were able to correlate two different sources and start building potential suspects profiles along with movements on both sides of the border.

As the analysis deepened, the system’s capability to understand instant messaging patterns, social media activities, and call records made the diference. Intellectus didn’t just help identify the main players; it unveiled their entire network, their modus operandi, and highlighted their moves.

Cross-check Findings

Harness ADINT to analyse conflictive areas, and further enrich it with forensic data from suspects’s devices.

Profiling & Identification

Identify suspects by analyzing digital behaviour and relationships. Map out social connections and frequent associations.

Communication Analysis

Explore call frequency, duration, and network data to identify high-priority targets and uncover geographic patterns.

Investigate Online

Set up undercover identities online to identify criminal networks and groups on social media and instant messaging channels.

Fuse all your Findings

Transform scattered data into insights in an all-in-one interactive investigation tool for quick identification of relationships and patterns.

Compare historical data

Correlate time and location from activities, places and interactions. Receive instant notifications such as location changes or activity online.

Getting Results

The State Police Department was empowered to fuse all their data with unprecedented ease and precision. The results speak for themselves:

  • A 360-degree view of suspects, painting a comprehensive picture of their digital footprint.
  • Comprehensive digital profiles of suspects, unveiling their behaviours.
  • Swift identification of potential threats, ensuring timely intervention and prevention.
  • Enhanced preparation for future investigations, facilitating the creation of robust investigative files.


This case study isn’t just a demonstration of Intellectus’ prowess but a testament to its transformative capabilities. Criminal networks might evolve, but with modern tools, intelligence agencies are always ahead in the game.

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