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Cyber Fusion SaaS Platform

Intelligence starts with a simple search

Ready to use in less than 24 hours

Your complete set of investigation tools with unlimited potential.

Protect more lives through predictive analytics

Data-Driven Decisions for better results

Analyse data from several data streams

Geospatial Data Fusion with unmatched accuracy

Uncover the missing links in your investigation

Manage all your Cases & Targets in one place

Find answers to your investigations

With our 5D Investigation Tool answer fundamental questions about your findings, including what happened, where it happened, when it happened, who was there, and the relationships between them.

Data Analysis for


Intellectus fuses data to build 360-degree profiles and cases with AI assistance, and easily export detailed reports.

Intelligence Gathering for

Live Operations

Intellectus offers advanced capabilities that enable you to identify patterns, make predictions and take action.

Ready to increase efficiency and solve more cases?