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Cyber Fusion SaaS Platform

Intelligence starts with a simple search

Get started within 24 hours

Intellectus harnesses big data and transforms it into meaningful, operational intelligence

Ingest / Fuse / Collate / Analyse / Visualise / Recommend

The intelligence oracle that assists public safety agencies to take data-driven operational decisions

Protect more lives through predictive analytics

Data-Driven Decisions for better results

Collect & Analyse Data from multiple sources

Geospatial Data Fusion with unmatched accuracy

Uncover the missing links in your investigation

Manage all your Cases & Targets in one place

Meet our team

70+ engineers, analysts and customer success teams worldwide with our HQ in Cyprus.

Work with us

Join an international team that is dedicated to make the world a better and safer place, one line of code at a time.

Let's work together for a brighter future.

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