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Don't be left in the dark!

Unlock the truth in your Investigations

Imagine being able to see all the pieces of the puzzle in real-time, and having the power to anticipate and prevent future incidents.

Welcome to the future of investigations.

Our data fusion platform is designed to help decision-makers like you prevent and stop incidents in your region. Imagine you’re a detective and you have to solve a case. But you only have a few clues and it’s hard to figure out what happened. Worry not, Intellectus is here to make sense of the big puzzle with all the pieces you need to figure out a mystery.

Intellectus can make sense of different information from documents, social media, and other sources, all in one place. It helps you see the whole picture and figure out what happened. It’s like having a superpower to solve cases!

Make better-informed decisions

Digest unlimited streams of real-time data from various sources, such as live reports, social media feeds, and databases, to comprehensively view a situation unfolding.

Streamline operations and collaboration.

Facilitate collaboration between different agencies and departments, allowing them to share information and coordinate efforts during an investigation.

Anticipate and prevent future incidents.

Analyze large amounts of historical and real-time data to identify behavioural patterns, and unveil relations between suspects.

Fully automated, tailored alerts 

Receive automated alerts when a specific event or threat is detected, enabling you to quickly respond to incidents more effectively.

Real-time incident visualization

A data fusion platform that can provide a visual representation of real-time data, such as a map-based interface to quickly understand a situation and make better-informed decisions.

Act now.

Click here to book a demo now and see how Intellectus is used in real-life situations and scenarios.

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